Its been a long day since the last time i wrote article in English.Feel like i am having SPM examination right now.Doing some english stuff and write essay and all that.To be honest i love writing more than speaking.Maybe i am not around with people that love to talk everything in English.However i don’t care at all about the grammar things and how the sentences should be stick to certain rules.Past tense, simple past tense, future tense, present tense, etc.Now long gone the days i should stick to that, as long as you people understand what i am trying to say.That’s good.

Every day life is great! I am now 30 years old.

Oh, it isn’t like I’ve not had difficulties. I am human being and reside in real life. It is simply which I have discovered where to concentrate my interest and what to let go of.

When individuals are disappointed or dealing with a bad time, they often don’t wish to be advised to rely their contentment. But what is the choice? Lying down conscious through the night, checking out the roof while keeping track of your problems?

I’m so grateful. I can walk, use the bathroom as well as sleep and had fun with my life.I have intriguing books to read, action movie to watch, tv series to follow, favorite songs to listen to and hobbies to have fun with. I can eat what and when I decide on. Relatives and buddies motivate me. My thoughts retains great memories from the past and wish for the longer term.

I am also grateful for the stuff that I haven’t got in my life. For instance, I haven’t got to encounter war or apocalypse(zombie stuff), hunger or tsunamis.I do not have to face traffic jam everyday and i can wake up anytime i want.But of course still obey to the certain lifestyle as a muslim. Living in here Bedong Kedah signifies that a dictator won’t attempt to restrict or handle my decisions.(i’m just kidding).The cost of living is very minimal here.With the cost of 1 ringgit you can get a chicken nasi lemak.

My mind is aware that happiness is a option and my heart is aware that there are individuals who are concerned about me. Technological innovations allows me to understand new stuff when I wish and to stay in touch with other people who are situated around the world.

Whenever difficulties come up, I think about my late mother who would say “RABBI YASSIR WALA TU’ ASSIR ” to me and make me want to understand behind those recite. I have faith that there’s a cause of every little thing and that I don’t need to figure it all out since there is somebody or a little something greater than all of us you never know.

Then when I get towards the end of the day, I am aware that I can take a nap on clean sheets and fall off to rest without needing to be worried about what is happening or what will come about next.

Days are great and I feel rocktacular!! (it is cool word i found on the internet)

What is the formulation? Concentrate on the ways that you have been fortunate. Think about the issues that do not cause problems for you. And take hold of every day with a dedication to be pleased and a motivation to let go of the matters you can’t change.

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