Salam and hi to all aimannajmy dot com’s readers.Its been 10 month since the last timeΒ  i wrote on this categories (English Section).I don’t know why i’m so lazy to write blogpost in English.My early intention was to make this categories as a jump start to improve my english writing.But, the intention just blew away and suddenly new comentators give me some suggestion to produce article in English.I will try my best.Thanks to Ziadesa for giving me such comment.If not my english blogging section just gonna be ignored by readers.

Ok first thing first what i’m gonna tell you my english is not just perfect or have bombastic word.Such a simple word so as to make my readers understand.I just got band 4 in MUET and nothing to be proud of.How bad my english writing can be determine through your reading on my blogpost.I just write and i really don’t care about grammar, (past tense, or past participle and much more).So if the readers think they can correct my grammar, it is my pleasure.Maybe the readers out there are English teacher.Who knows..

WhatΒ  did i learn within the past 10 month since i officially launched my blog? Apparently i knew that even though i gain a lot of knowledge but it will mean nothing if the action is not being taken.Poor for me.10 month was a long journey and if i pursue myself to the highest level of productivity, i think i will get more residue income.Last year i admit that i spend a lot of time in Sayugia Studios producing and making new material to my band (sayugia).I just ignored my blogging world.

But this year i think my focus on blogging is just came back from sleep.All the knowledge i got for the past 10 month must be put into action.Even though you have PHD but if you don’t apply your knowledge, it means nothing to you.Just a waste of time.So get into action whatever knowledge you acquired.

For the last 10 month, i have been experiment a lot of thing.Especially in term of acquired a good quality backlink and the right way to rank your blog.I found a lot of people in this industry especially international market.Some people if they knew some valuable knowledge they won’t tell you.They just kept for themselves.Sometimes i try to ask these people, how to do that, how to do this.. they just keep in silence.. Damn! huhu.. i know.. even KFC never tell his secret recipe.So NO MONEY NO TALKS.

So i need to find those answers by myself.I know i can spend a lot of money so as to acquired their knowledge on certain thing (buy ebook or their services) but if you can get the answer by yourself it is bonus for you! You can get your own style of working in term of copying their styles.Why i’m doing such thing? Why i’m not hired somebody to do backlink services and all the thing come easier and within 2 3 months only i can see the result as well as income.

The answer is simple.I want to learn something about the backlink building industry.How they play the game? How they manipulate google minds? How to beat competitors? How their services work? How can they make sure your blog will rank well in SERP or PR.These question always come into my mind. If i just hired backlink services and got fast way to earn money/income through my niche blog, i will learn nothing.

You can make money fast from blogging by hiring all the services provided but for me,I’m not going that way.I want to learn something first.If you do haveΒ  a lot of budget and want to make money fast and furious you can just simply hired appropriate services to speed up your work.

But human is still human.Sometimes when i fall down.. it takes time to get back on track.. Sometimes i think i want to get income fast and forget about all the basic thing.. Knowledge is nothing without action.. i will keep posting what i’ve done in this industry.. See you in next entry/blogpost








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