Now it’s been 2 million years (just kidding) since the last time i wrote my blogpost in English.You know me, lazy type person.I don’t know why today i have very good mood to write in English and wanna add more blogpost in English Section.I have been blogging since May 2010 and till now i had only 3 blogpost in English and now 4.As usual when i write i don’t even care about grammar ‘thing’.Present tense, past tense, past participle ahh whatever i don’t care.As long as i understand and just wanna have some  fun writing as well as express my feeling and thoughts.

Since i involved in this blogging industry, i dealt with many person around the world.Services, request, customer support and all that technical thing that i would like to know must be ask in English.Forum like Warrior, DP, IMT, Backlinks are for sure not allowed ‘Bahasa Utara’ to be written in each thread.So i’m not changing my writing style, you can read it.If they can understand so are you right.But if a good English teacher read my writing i’m sure i got a lot of correction with red pen (just like the good old days in school).

However that just introduction, so what do you think i’m gonna talk about blogger in disguise? If you watch transformers cartoon it said robots in disguise but i change it to blogger in disguise :).You can see the picture i attached.I’m a big fan of transformers and collect all those action figure.I just love it and like to transform the vehicle to robot mode when i wanna to release my tension.The action figure not ‘pasar malam’ thing with just 5-10 ringgit.The toys i collect nearly over 100 hundred each and others like to cost 300 to 400 hundred ringgit.I like the way the manufacturer (Hasbro and Takara Tomy) design the action figure.I like the way their product being reverse engineered.

Well, i’m not going to talk about Transformers here.Ok lets talk the main point here which is ‘Blogger In Disguise’.When we talk about blogging industries in Malaysia.We can see bloggers like to stand out among each other in order to maintain or get more visitors.Politics and entertainment (gossiping) are for sure the best niches if newbies bloggers want to make money from blogging.While others like to be a SEO player in term of hot keywords that showing in Google Trends or manipulate keyword from hot current issues.

But they are a lot of blogger in disguise that don’t want their blog to be stand out in mainstream.And that’s me and others (that i know they keep off radar).This personal blog aimannajmy dot com just for fun and i made it to share about my music and my life.My income not solely come from my personal blog.I do confess i also got income(not much) from this blog but I have lots of English blog for international purposes which is i keep off radar from mainstream.Nobody knows what blog i owned.I have concrete reasons why i keep off radar.I don’t want people that maybe hate me or want me to collapse one day jeopardize my sites.

However people that are close to me and also i trust know what blog i owned besides aimannajmy dot com.But don’t you ever said i made p*rn blog or gambling to get easy money.Illegal money or duit haram can never be berkat in whatever you do in life.You also can be caught by SKMM or your websites can be blocked from entering main DNS server in Malaysia.So don’t judge me as a bad person that making illegal blog just because i don’t reveal my blog 🙂

Who knows maybe if you are searching material at Google for your research then you are stopping by at nowhere/someone’s websites that you think is good and collect info from it.Apparently, you know the owner websites is me 🙂 (only if you do whois search).I’m just blogger in disguise.But for aimannajmy dot com i transform myself to mainstream and no more disguise because i want people to hear my music.Maybe one day who knows my masterpiece can penetrate radio station or tv station

But personally i love aimannajmy dot com and i dreamed maybe one day i can become full time blogger that solely can get huge income from my personal blog just like Darren Rowse, David Risley, John Chow and so on.But dream just a dream.Oriented Malay language blog is very hard to get traffic and attention unless you are making entertainment and gossiping blog as well as political blog OR you write some kind of sensitive issues that can trigger society attention.BUT you also can get caught.Don’t be a fool, just be cool and care about racial tension.Don’t simply hurt people’s feelings.

Nevertheless, it’s not easy to get income from blogging.Passion is everything.You know why i want to involved in this industries? First, world wide web or internet are borderless, limitless and whatever less you can say.You dominate the SE (search engine) you dominate the world.World language now is English am i right.Second, the income is autopilot! you can get income while you are snoring at home.People from nowhere maybe Zimbabwe can reach your sites to get the valuable info that you put in your sites even the time is 3.00 a.m and you still snoring.And the third, i can get friends from all over the world.

Passion is everything if you want to succeed in this industries.Do your work with truly passion and deeply inside of your heart will give you great outcomes.With a great passion comes with a great output.When your mom is cooking meals for you, she has a great passion to make sure the best meals for you is prepared.So that’s why mom’s cooking are always the best am i right? Same principle comply with works or whatever works you do.Nowadays you can see people work with no passion will effect the performance of his/her work.

But i love to stay off the radar and doing work underground.Every time i got income from blogging activities i don’t want to reveal or publish my income statement to my blog :). I love to be like this! I want people know me as a freelance composer not  a truly hard passionate blogger that generate incomes.But sometimes i will post some tips and whatever news regarding blogging industries.Being blogger in disguise is not an easy task if you don’t give full commitment as well as prepare good scheduled of work.

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